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Model 2240 Series Slitter Rewinders

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Model 2240 Slitter Rewinder
Model 2240 Slitter Rewinder


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Model 2240 Series are extremely versatile, general purpose, bench-type duplex slitter rewinders used for converting a variety of materials into small diameter rolls from narrow width webs, ideal for tag and label type products.

This Model 2240 unit converts a 12-inch wide web into ¾-inch wide rolls wound to 12-inch diameters.


  • Cantilevered flanged differential rewind shafts for interchangeability to other sizes
  • Rewind clutches for lock core winding
  • Pull rolls isolate shear/razor slitting from unwind and rewind tension zones
  • Integral unwind stand with pnuematic brake
  • PLC control with touch screen operator interface
  • Single motor AC vector drive
  • Manual edge guide

General Specifications:

  • Web width: 12 inches
  • Rewind diameter: 12 inches
  • Slit methods: razor and shear slitting
  • Tension range: ¼ - 2 PLI
  • Web speed: 500 FPM
  • Unwind diameter: 18 inches

Optional Features

  • Differential and locked core winding
  • Various diameter rewind shafts
  • Razor, score and shear slitting
  • ¼-inch minimum slit width
  • Splice table
  • Variety of unwind stand configurations
  • Automatic edge guide
  • Automatic unwind tension
  • Programmed rewind tension
  • Pneumatic lay on rolls
  • Rugged steel mounting table