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3750 Series Slitter Rewinders

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Heavy Duty Slitter Rewinder
Heavy Duty Slitter Rewinder

Model 3750 Slitter Rewinder
Model 3750 Slitter Rewinder


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The 3750 Series Slitter Rewinders are extremely versatile, general purpose, duplex slitter rewinders used for converting a variety of materials primarily paper, laminates, non-wovens, fabrics, pressure sensitive tapes and label stocks into narrow slit rolls. It incorporates same features as the 3250 series slitter rewinders, but is designed to accommodate wider webs with larger rewind diameters.

Model 3750 HD duplex slitter rewinder model handles massive 72-inch wide x 60-inch diameter unwind rolls of paperboard stock to 20 pt and operate at speeds up to 1250 FPM with tension range to 8 PLI. Master 6,000-pound rolls are converted to 48-inch rewind diameters on lift-out winding spindles capable of supporting 2,500 pounds each.

Model 3750 duplex slitter rewinder processes a 62-inch wide fabric web into 2-inch wide slit rolls at 1,000 FPM. Slit materials are wound to 24-inch diameter utilizing a minimum gap winding feature that maintains a minimum unsupported web length from the last roll in the machine to the wind-up shaft. This assures stabilization of narrow width slit rolls during the winding process.


  • Programmed differential and locked core winding
  • Automatic minimum gap rewinding
  • Programmed center/surface rewinding
  • Load cell tension control
  • AC vector rewind drives with programmed torques control of rewind tension
  • Female knife shaft cantilevered from drive end with removable bearing support on operator side of machine facilitates set-up
  • Combination web inspection/splice area with pneumatic splice clamps
  • PLC control with touch screen operator interface
  • Cantilevered rewind shafts with quick acting outboard supports
  • Pull rolls isolate shear/razor slitting from unwind and rewind tension zones
  • Removable sheer slitting module
  • Three-motor AC vector drive system consisting of (1) main drive for pull rolls and female shear knife shaft and (1) each per rewind shaft
  • Rewind drives include both torque control for locked core winding and controlled over speed when winding in differential mode
  • PLC control with touch screen operator interface

Model 3750 Duplex Splitter Specifications:

  • Web widths: 54 inches
  • Rewind diameter: 24 inches
  • Slit widths: ½ inch wide common
  • Slit methods: shear slitting
  • Tension range: ¼ to 2 PLI
  • Web speed: 1,000 FPM
  • Unwind diameter: 30 inches

Model 3750 HD Duplex Splitter Specifications:

  • Web widths: 54-72 inches
  • Rewind diameter: 48 inches
  • Slit method: shear slitting
  • Tension range: 4 to 8 PLI
  • Web speeds: 500-1500 FPM
  • Unwind diameter: 60 inches

Optional Features:

  • Pneumatic rewind clutches for locked core winding
  • Single and multi-motor AC vector drives
  • Web widths to 72 inches
  • Pivoting trunnion assembly for use with razor and shear slitting
  • Score slitting system mounted within close proximity of rewind
  • Splice tables
  • Rewind roll unloading stands.
  • Various size and types of rewind shafts
  • Lift-out rewind shafts
  • Variety of unwind stand configurations
  • Rewind oscillation
  • Shaftless rewind

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