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Model 3750-S Center/Surface Inspection Rewinder

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Center-Surface Inspection Rewinder
Center-Surface Inspection Rewinder


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Model 3750-S Series simplex rewinders are designed for web inspection roll doctoring of poorly wound rolls and are used for a variety of products.

This unique roll doctor machine as shown is designed to handle 60-inch wide webs with tension ranges up to 4 PLI. The Model 3750-S incorporates a number of special features to enhance productivity and roll handling.


  • Lighted web inspection area
  • Splice table with pneumatic web clamps and cutting groove for making perfect butt splices
  • Scrap rewind shaft, cantilevered from main frame
  • Closed-loop surface wind with center assists, assures uniform roll density regardless of roll weight
  • Shaftless rewind with pneumatic ram for core engagement
  • Shear slitting for trimming roll edges
  • PLC control with touch screen operator interface
  • AC vector drive

General Specifications:

  • Web width: 60 inches
  • Rewind diameter: 30 inches
  • Slitting method: shear
  • Tension range: 2 to 4 PLI
  • Web speed: 500 FPM

Optional Features:

  • Web widths: 48-120 inches
  • Rewind diameters: 30 and 60 inches
  • Web speeds: 500-2000 FPM
  • Slitting methods: razor, score & shear
  • Tension ranges: 1/2 to 8 PLI
  • Cantilevered rewind shaft mounted to pivot arrangement for off-loading directly to take away conveyor
  • Single and multi-motor AC drives