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Custom Machine Calender for Tissue/Paper Applications

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Custom Machine Calender
Custom Machine Calender


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When a client was having difficulty finding a pre-configured calendering solution to fit their individual application, our team at Associated Machine Design, Inc. proposed a custom engineered system that we could build within their budgetary and time constraints.

Our project team used advanced 3D software techniques to model the machinery and validate the design. We developed and constructed the machine calender highlighted here to process various grades of tissue paper in the 32 to 140 lb. basis weight range. Notable features included a tensioning control system adjustable within a very wide 0 to 200 PLI range and an air bag loading system. We designed it to handle paper widths up to 204", a cooling roll diameter of 22", and swimming roll diameter of 19" to produce consistent and uniform surface profiles.

As a turnkey solutions provider, we have the engineering and production resources to conceptualize, design, and implement systems that achieve our client’s specific production goals. To learn more about this project, or to discuss the specific detail of your application, contact us today.

Custom Machine Calender Specifications

Project Name & Description
Tissue / Paper Machine Calender
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Turnkey Manufacturing
Engineering and Design
Industry for Use
Standards Met
Customer Specification
Design Data Sheet
Paper Grade
Basis Weight on Reel
32 - 140 lbs. /3300Sq. Ft
Loading Range
0 to 200 PLI
Loading System
Air bag
Roll Skewing System
Manual ±1/2"
Paper Width System
Max Design Speed
Max Balancing Speed
4500 FPM
Cooling Roll Diameter
Swimming Roll Diameter
Machine Hand
Left Hand

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