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Custom Slitter Rewinder for Paper & Board Applications

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Custom Slitter Rewinder
Custom Slitter Rewinder


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Leveraging our collective talents, at Associated Machine Design, Inc., we engineered and built the custom slitter-rewinder highlighted here to serve dual-purpose use as a center winder for softer rolls and as a salvage rewinder to correct finished roll profiles. This flexible piece of equipment handles a range of paper and board products and has an adjustable 1 to 12 PLI load cell tension control. Operating at speeds up to 2000 ft/min, it features an intuitive graphical operator interface and was intelligently designed with minimal field wiring and piping requirements. Able to provide fast indexing and rapid cycle times, it has the capacity to handle rolls up to 70" in width and 60" diameter rolls in the windup. Constructed with 2" solid steel side frames, it incorporates numerous safety and operator friendly features.

In real world plant floor conditions, undesirable defects are never entirely preventable. Our powerful design techniques and innovative ideas allowed us to build a system to correct tension, edge trim, and other flaws to avoid having to scrap off-specification materials. The center winder design is also useful for winding small diameter rolls in regular production use.

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Custom Slitter Rewinder Specifications

Project Name & Description
Center Wind Converting / Salvage Winder
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Turnkey Manufacturing
Engineering and Design
Industry for Use
Standards Met
Customer Specification
Rewinder Design Data Sheet
Paper Grade
Paper and Board Products
1 to 12 PLI
Max Design Speed
2000 fpm
Max Balance Speed
2500 fpm
Machine Hand
Left Hand

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