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Custom Design and Manufacturing
Custom Design and Manufacturing


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As an industry leading provider of custom design and manufacturing services, at Associated Machine Design, Inc., we provide full engineering support and fabrication of equipment for a range of industries. Our engineers can take on sole design responsibility or provide co-engineering services in custom process development. This includes confidential projects and machine exclusivity agreements as requested. Engineering capabilities include safety analysis, finite element analysis, and process optimization. Machines are equipped with the PLC and HMI technology and are designed to seamlessly integrate into a customer's existing manufacturing process.

We manufacture custom equipment used primarily in the pulp and paper, converting, and packaging industries as well as a variety of specialty markets. Complete machining and fabrication capabilities are designed to support our custom equipment designs. Machines are assembled and tested onsite to ensure they meet all customer specifications before shipment.

Training includes operation, maintenance, and safety of the machine along with supervision of installation at the customer’s facility. In addition to new equipment, we are capable of repairing, rebuilding, or upgrading all brands of existing equipment. Engineers can assist customers in determining whether an upgrade of existing machinery or new equipment is the best solution for a given application. For more information about our custom design and manufacturing services, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Custom Design and Manufacturing Services

Custom Equipment Design and Solution Development
Engineering / Custom Design Services
Installation Supervision
Field Service
Equipment Re-builds / Updates
Custom Parts / Replacement Parts
Operational Testing
Equipment Upgrades
R&D projects
Manufacturing Services
Complete Machining Capabilities
Full Assembly Capabilities
Run-off Testing Capabilities
Classroom and On-machine
Maintenance, Operation and Safety
Project Planning / Project Management
Equipment Surveys / Audits
Safety Evaluations
Process Control Analysis Machine Optimization
FEA - Finite Element Analysis
CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis
Filter Media
Additional Services Provided
Project Management
Confidential Projects
Product / Machine Exclusivity
Co-development Agreements
Installation Support
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