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Turret Series Unwinders / Rewinders

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Model 3790 Turret Series Unwinder / Rewinder
Model 3790 Turret Series Unwinder / Rewinder


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The Model 3790 Series turret unwind rewinds are designed to be used as terminals in conjunction with continuous web process applications such as coating, laminating, blown film and cast sheet processes.

This particular model handles 60-inch wide coated fabric for the clothing label industry.


  • Automatic cut off and transfer via bump and cut system
  • Load cell tension control
  • AC vector rewind drives with programmed torques control of rewind tension
  • Lift-out rewind shaft
  • PLC control with touch screen operator interface

General Specifications:

  • Web width: 60 inches
  • Rewind diameter: 36 inches
  • Tension range: 2 to 4 PLI
  • Web speed: 500 FPM

Optional Features

  • Web widths: 48-120 inches
  • Rewind diameters: 24 - 60 inches
  • Web speeds: 500-1,000 FPM
  • Tension range: ¼ to 6 PLI
  • Automatic edge guiding
  • Rewind oscillation
  • Shaftless rewind