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Model 4040 Series Two Drum Slitter Rewinders

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Model 4040 Two-Drum Slitter Rewinder
Model 4040 Two-Drum Slitter Rewinder


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Model 4040 Series simplex two-drum surface slitter rewinders are ideally suited for converting paper, board, nonwovens, laminates, textiles and many other materials that can be slit and simplex rewound.

This slitter rewind is designed to handle 84-inch wide webs of thermal transfer paper to 28 pt and operate at speeds up to 2,000 FPM with tension ranges up to 10 PLI. The Model 4040 incorporates a number of special features to enhance productivity and roll handling.


  • 50-inch rewind diameter
  • Separate AC Vector drives provide differential draw between each winding drum
  • Driven riding roll includes relieving system for controlling roll density throughout the winding cycle
  • Shear slitting element at the rear entrance of winder for easy knife access
  • Dual spreader roll system assures slit separation
  • Finished rolls unload to bucket for lowering to floor
  • Model 4520 shaftless unwind with dual pneumatic brakes and motorized chucking to accommodate various unwind core lengths
  • Unwind roll floor pick-up
  • Load cell tension control
  • Automatic edge guide system
  • PLC control with touch with screen operator interface

General Specifications:

  • Web width: 84 inches
  • Rewind diameter: 50 inches
  • Slitting method: shear
  • Minimum slit width: 2 inches
  • Tension range: 2 to 10 PLI
  • Web speed: 2,000 FPM

Optional Features

  • Web widths: 42-120 inches
  • Rewind diameters: 24-50 inches
  • Web speed: 500-2,000 FPM
  • Score or shear slitting
  • Single motor drive for winding drums
  • Unload table used with shafted rewind
  • Combination shaft/shaft less rewind
  • Semi-automated core tuck-n-start