Custom Automated Reel | tissue/paper industry

Associated Machine Design’s reputation for engineering and producing high quality machinery for the paper industry is well known. This renown brought us the opportunity to provide a turnkey reel system for a local tissue paper manufacturer. Our experienced and talented team of engineers worked in close collaboration with the customer to design a system with advanced control features that fully integrated into their existing plant-wide systems.

Built from the ground up in our Wisconsin manufacturing facility, the automated paper reel highlighted here was designed with the flexibility to manage paper of basis weights from 9.5 to 12 lbs.  It was complete with pressure controlled primary and secondary arms that ensured safe and gentle handling of the fragile product. Sophisticated in its simplicity, it was engineered with minimal wiring and piping to facilitate ease of operation and maintenance, and it also incorporated a comprehensive set of safety features. Constructed for long term reliability, our client was exceptionally satisfied with our design and workmanship. If you are interested in learning more about this project, or would like to consult on a planned equipment purchase, please contact us today.

Paper Grade:
Basis Weight:
Reel Drum:
Web Width:
Max Speed:
Roll Diameter:

9.5 – 12lbs. / 3,000 Sq.ft
1 to 2 PLI
36″ Diameter x 148″ Face
4,000 fpm
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