Custom Production Winder | paper industry

Here at Associated Machine Design, Inc., we have a solid background in the design and construction of paper finishing machinery, and the custom production winder shown above is an excellent example of the automated equipment we engineer and build on a regular basis.

A crucial part of the winding process is constant control of the winding material. Our well-engineered control systems incorporated load cell controlled tension feedback, load share controlled torque, and direct acting rider rolls with controlled relieving to ensure uniform forces at a maximum winding speed of 5,000 ft/min. Designed for flexibility, this machine has the capacity to manage 32 to 140 lb. basis weight paper on master rolls up to 180″ in width and 80″ in diameter. Featuring 12 slitters, it can rewind rolls up to 60″ in width on either 3″ or 6″ diameter cores. It is onstructed in full compliance with all electrical and mechanical safety standards, and has an operator friendly interface complete with remote monitoring, production data tracking, as well as many other important features.

We have built several winders with similar features while incorporating location specific design options, such as empty spool kickout rails, automated slitter positioning and web threading systems, infeed rail systems, and more.

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Paper Grade:
Basis Weight:
Web Width:
Max Speed:
Unwind Diameter:
Windup Diameter:
Core Size ID:

Various Writing Grades
32 to 140lbs. / 3,300 Sq.ft
3 to 8 PLI
5,000 fpm
3″ and 6″
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