4525 | shaftless floor pick-up

The uniquely designed REM 4525 is a shaftless floor pick-up that is aligned to the inboard edge of the rewind. Both arms are fixed, and pivot to the floor for pickup, but only the outboard chuck moves inward on a mechanical ratchet system to hold the roll. This alternative to other designs allows for the flexibility of shaftless roll handling without the complexity of individually moving arms.


Unwind Diameters

48″ | 60″

Web Width

30″ | 40″ | 52″ | 62″ | 72″ | 84″

  • Shaftless design
  • Floor Pick-up
  • Ball bearing shaft latches
  • Pneumatic disc brake
  • Constant unwind tension via load cell feed back
  • Bag-edge adjusting idler roll
  • Rolling base for use with automatic edge guide
  • Automatic edge guide with 6-inch total traverse
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