REM | slitter|rewinders

REM has been evolving the slitter|rewinder industry since 1987 with a primary focus on center-surface winding. Since being acquired by Associated Machine Design in 2015, REM has continued to evolve the technology and operation of the center-surface winders while expanding offerings in center winders.



Rewind rolls are driven from the core only

With a single motor, the maximum diameter is limited, but the overall cost of the machine is less than a center-surface winder.

Often paired with differential shafts

These shafts transmit torque evenly, despite diameter, so materials with gauge bands are able to be ran.

Best for high speed film processing

Due to the rider roll, air entrapment is minimized, allowing thin extruded films to be run much faster than possible on other machines.


Rewind rolls are driven from the surface only

This allows the tension to be transmitted directly to the surface of the finished roll, so that the tension remains constant from core to diameter.

Very little stretch on material

The torque arm developed on center winders is not present, so stretchy films can be wound at core without deforming, where pure center winders would have difficulty.

Best for large diameters

With all the force applied at the surface, these winders can build the largest, heaviest rolls possible.


Rewind Rolls are driven from the core, as well as the surface

Because of this, the tension range on center-surface winders is the greatest possible available.

Slitting is as near the rewind point as possible

Allowing for thin slits with excellent edge quality.

Machines can run as a center winder, surface winder, or both

This allows a large variety in the materials that can be ran.


Various Options for Unwind Control

Models can be configured with single brakes, dual brakes, or motors.

Integrated Tension Control

Load cells or dancers provide feedback to the tension control loop, allowing the stand to be integrated easily into existing production lines.

Unwind or Rewind

Stands, including turreted stands, can be manufactured for use as an unwind stand, or as a rewind stand.